Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lesson of the day

Worrying too much about what other people think of you, wastes time and drains your energy and confidence. In anything that you do, there will always be someone who contradict you. Sometimes you just have to play dumb or in malay terms, 'buat bodoh'. As much as you sometimes feel insecure about yourself, other people might just feel the same way about themselves too! Just remember to do the things that you love and love the things that you do. In other words..

Enjoy Life.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

yeueulandoidnkakn...Im back.

Hello blog. I'm sorry I neglected youuuu...

I've been a bit busy la. Anyways, gonna show a few things that I did in the past week or two..

I made a heart shape cake for a customer. It's adorable! hehe.

Then, another day, I had a baking session with my friend Alia. She's getting married soon and it was her husband-to-be's birthday that day. So she wanted bake a birthday cake for him and at the same time learn how to bake. She asked me to make a special 1-to-1 baking class for her, but I told her to just buy supplies for the cake and that I'd just do it as a favor instead. Baik kan saya?hihi..

awww.. isn't that cute??

I have more to share but right now I have to go take a shower because its already 8.19pm and I have to bake. I promise I'll come back later. =)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My fulfilling weekend..

So last weekend was a productive one. I manage to do quite a lot. On saturday morning, I went to my first Wilton cake decorating class! I've been looking forward to that for quite some time. It was fun but the first class wasn't a hands-on class. We just learned basic things like how to make the icing, the icing consistency, how to ice a cake, yadayadayada.. But next week we're gonna decorate a cake. A rainbow cake!

In the class

After my class, I went home, rest for a bit and started baking a cake for a customer. Afnie's (the customer) baby boy, Arfadh, just turned one and she wanted a colorful birthday cake that had some Disney Playhouse Theme to it..
What else is more colorful other than a rainbow! with colorful balloons and colorful Mickey Mouses on the sides!

okay la kan the cake? I think it's adorable. Need to work on my cake icing skills though. must make it look more smooth.

Sunday Morning, had breakfast with BF Nana. and also Afnie came to pick up her cake! Im glad she likes it. Best of all, she brought baby arfadh together and he was trying to reach for the cake. hehe. or maybe he was trying to reach for the colourful balloons. Either way, he is definitely growing up to be a heartbreaker! handsome nyee..

Petang petang sikit, I went out with my mum and brother to see my brother's new shop. He's opening a training center in Mont Kiara. *proud*. It'll provide "kursus kahwin" on weekends among other things. We're excited for him. First business man in the family!

That's his shop above Smooch.

He's showing us where he's gonna put some stuff
Afterwards we saw a bakery/florist/cafe across the street, so we decided to check it out. FYI, my dream is to open something similar soon =)
Little Collins. Sedap. tapi arrangement kedai dia macam..umm..semak sikit.

We went to Plaza Damas for a while after that and then headed home.
So how was my weekend? Fullfilling and inspiring.

Friday, April 2, 2010


The famous Magnolia Bakery in New York and Peyton and Byrne of London.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is my new blog! but I imported some of the post from my previous blog. Just felt a little bit sentimental and didn't wanna delete them. Anyways, I'm gonna have fun with my blog this time. Before this I tried too hard to just focus on my artsy stuff and baking sampai last2 tak tulis ape-ape pun. heh.

Anyways, besides a new blog, I also got a new camera and I am soo jakun. Thank you a trillion times to abg Meme (bukan nama sebenar) for the coolest birthday present! The reason I am so jakun (besides the fact that I havent had pocket sized camera in a loong time) is because my camera has a "panorama mode" where instead of just holding the camera still when you snap a picture, you move the camera in a vertical or horizontal motion and it captures the whole view.

I snapped a picture of my friend nana who was sitting in front of me using the normal mode

Then I snaped another picture using the panorama mode. cool huh?

It also has a built in paint application. So I doodled on the picture. heh. sorry Na.