Monday, June 7, 2010

Tools =)

I'm actually really busy and I still have a ton of things to do because I have quite a few cake orders this week and at the same time I have to get ready for Bijou Bazaar (!) this weekend. But anyways, I still wanna write this now because I'm really happy today! I got a really good bargain for some cake decorating tools that I've been trying to get for quite sometime.

Okay, for those of you who aren't familiar with cake decorating, actually the situation in Malaysia is that it's really hard to get a lot of the tools that we see American's use to make those beautiful cakes. There is only one supplier for wilton products in KL and that is ICCA. And because of that, the prices are high. Sometimes a bit ridiculous. But a lot of people, including me, buy from them anyways, simply because you can't get wilton's quality products elsewhere. But today I'm gonna show you a few things that I got that can save you a lot of money especially for those who are just getting into cake decorating..To those who already know, takyah baca je la k..

Okay. So first is the bead cutter.

This is used for making those pearl like fondant borders that you put around the bottom part of the cake. This is really useful because tak payah nak gentel fondant bulat tu satu-satu. leceh. That's what I did before. At ICCA, they sell this for RM30 if I'm not mistaken. I got this for RM6 at Bake with yen, Chow kit. ;)

It even comes with instructions. But I have to say after trying it out, the beads doesn't really come out that neat. There's another silicone version of this that I've tried before, and I think the outcome is better. But that you can only get from ICCA.

Next, meringue powder.

Okay, so it isn't exactly a tool. But this is an essential in making royal icing and also buttercream. Meringue powder is dry egg whites. You can do without it as well. But in my personal experience I find that it's better to make royal icing using this. For one, it's because if you used normal egg whites in royal icing, it's not cooked.

At ICCA, the wilton meringue powder is RM40 plus. But I'm not so sure how much it weighs. but I don't think that theres much difference. I have yet to try this brand. I'll let you know my verdict when I have.
Next, is the fondant rolling pin.

Now this made my day. I have been wanting to get this for quite sometime. Because this is truly essential for making bigger sized fondant cakes. To roll the fondant out using normal wooden rolling pin is dreadful because one, its not long enough, and two, because you can sometimes see the grooves of the wood on the fondant. Although its not that apparent, but you still want the fondant that covers the cake to be perfectly smooth. Honestly, I couldn't afford of getting this before because it cost RM100+ at you know where. So how much did I get it for??...

28 FREAKIN RINGGIT ONLY! I found this at another shop before at RM46. but thank god I didn't buy it there.

Next, other fondant tools.
First is this packet of tools. I dunno what to call it. They are useful for when you're sculpting a fondant figure or making gumpaste flowers. You really do need them. I'll give a little demo later on how to use it. I got this at City Bakers at Kota Damansara. It's cheaper than the one at Bake with yen (RM28).

Second is this flower cutter. There are various types of cutters but i'll just show you the ones that I used for the demo later on.

This is another type of cutter. both of the cutters costs less than RM10 for a set of 3 different sizes at bake with yen. I'm not sure how much exactly.

So for the demo..

You'll of course need fondant. If you don't know how to make fondant or if you're simply lazy to, you can just buy one of these ready made fondants. but in my experience, they take a long time to dry and harden in Malaysian wheather. That's why I make my own.

Firstly you roll out the fondant like in the picture.

Then, using the cutter, cut out pieces..

and place them on this fondant sponge or whatever its called.

Then, using the tool in the picture, make an indent on each petal..

and also in the middle using the round tip tool.
And walla! you get cute little daisies. but it's not done yet. you still have to pipe some yellow royal icing in the middle.

Do the same with this cutter but because its bigger, roll the fondant a bit thicker this time.

Then place the flower on a palette like so and make an indent with a small rolling pin.

Then flatten out the sides with you fingers. This also needs royal icing to be piped in the middle I'll show you the end result when it's layed on the cake in another post.

And finally, the last tool are couplers.
These are couplers. couplers are used for the tips on the piping bags. If you have these, its easier for you to change to different tips or nozzles. The left one is a local brand which costs RM10 for four pieces and the right one is from wilton which costs RM20+ for the same amount.

And of course you need a tool box (only RM20). The wilton's tool box costs RM100+ but they have special compartments to hold the colour bottles and tips in place. So up to you. I just got the cheaper one. heh.

Keeps everything organized and in place so you don't loose things.
So that's all for now. Come back another day and see the outcome of those daisies. =)