Friday, November 26, 2010

Picking up the pace

Woahhhh! I surely left the blog idle for too long! Reason being is because I actually wrote a lot of entries but didn't post them because I didn't know if it was appropriate. I'm still figuring out the direction of this blog because I do wanna write about personal stuff but I don't want it too seem like I'm boasting or showing off what a good life I have because some people tend to do that on their blog and it can be annoying sometimes.

Anyways, I just got back from Melaka. I had a work induction and yes, that means from now on the baker will also have a permanent, 9-5 job. Pheww! Boy will I be busy. But I'll still bake. In fact, I already have a bunch of wedding and hantaran cake orders lined up for December. Looking forward to that and excited to see how everything goes. MUST PICK UP THE PACE AND STAY POSITIVE. =) Lets see, what have I been up to lately....

Of course I've been making cakes...

...and cookies

..and trying out my dulang hantaran. This actually looks pretty don't you think?

Been making doorgifts..

..And of course, cupcakes!

Went to kuantan with friends..

and of course, out to meet the BFF's

and also out with cousin.

to line up for 1 hour 40 mins, to see whats all the buzz about the new Uniqlo.

Went to see a dear friend's wedding

..and went to some function.

Got to go now! Going to accompany my aunty to bring her two twins to a casting at TTDI..That'll be interesting to see huh..Later!