Monday, January 9, 2012

Because I'm cool liedat!

I watched this video and I thought "haa..that's pretty simple.."
So I tried it myself. Because I've actually been intending to cut my fringe but I was just too lazy to go to the hairsalon..


If you noticed, I coloured my hair too. I used the Liese bubble hair colour from Kao. Super easy to use and good results. It gives an even colour and it doesn't really dry out your hair :D

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Supercalafragelisticexpielledocious 2012!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year to all of you! Hope your 2012 have been great so far. How did you spend the first day of your new year? I went back to my Kampong with my family. It was a great way to spend the first day of the new year. Some great things happened during this trip..

 Brought my Uwan back to her home. With an entourage. heh. She was so happy (FYI, my uwan lives with my aunt because she's too old to live alone). But we made a short detour to Ulu Bendul for a picnic lunch, and she wasn't too happy about the delay..

 Ada sikit bebel, sikit masam, but in the end she warmed up and joined us dipping our feet in the river.

 As for my maklong, it's her first trip back to Kuala Pilah and her first picnic in a really long time so she's happy about it. And you'll be surprise to know that she has never 'mandi sungai' before in her life. Ever. So she absolutely couldn't resist dipping her feet into the cold water.

Before you know it, she dived into the water head first. Ok tak. Tu tipu. Tapi dia masuk la dalam air tu. Mandi sungai pakai jubah dgn tudung labuh baru cool ok. Maklong awak ada buat? Takde kan?

This is my cousin, Abbas. It's quite obvious that this is his first time 'mandi sungai' too. I mean like, siapa tengok jam dalam air bro.. chillex aa. ahihi..

On the way back before reaching uwan's house, we'll always drop by the supermarket in Kuala Pilah town, Gedung Harian, and get this wonderful Apollo wafer chocolate and of course other supplies too. MMmm yum. 

 Some kids/teenagers nowadays don't really enjoy balik kampong because they say it's boring and there's nothing to do. But actually there's a lot of things you can do.

Kita boleh tolong Uwan kita kemas laman, cabut rumpai-rumpai, sapu and bakar sampah, and the best thing, kait buah rambutan, buah langsat dan macam-macam lagi buah yang ada kat kampung (haip haip!pikir ape ha.. :P).

 Selain tu, boleh santai-santai ambik gambar or maybe just sit back, relax, enjoy the lush green scenery and breathe in fresh air which otherwise you can't get in the city.

 But if non of the above interests you, I'm sure jumping into the river will. Bila rasa boring je, kita terjun balik dalam sungai depan rumah!

Conclusion: I had a great start to my year and I hope the rest of the days will be just as awesome no matter what I choose to do :D