Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random baking tips

I should really write more about baking in my blog. So here it goes. These are some random baking and cake decorating tips that I would like to share. Some of them I learnt online, some from baking and cake decorating classes and some through personal experiences..Do try them whenever you are baking and let me know if it works well for you! Also if you have any tips or tricks you wanna share, please feel free to post them in the comments. Would love to know your tricks too!

10 Random Baking/Cake Deco Tips:

1. Separate egg yolks and whites and beat them separately before adding them to your mixture. Add in the yolks first with the butter and sugar mixture. Fold in the whites with the batter right before pouring them into you baking pan. It helps to make your cake fluffier (is there such a word?). 

The Science: Yolks have fat in them while the whites don't. The whites produces air bubbles when you whip them up and act as a rising/leavening agent while the egg yolks provides moisture. Whipping the both of them together will result in the fats getting in between the air bubbles and therefore the batter will not rise as well. 

2. Make sure your eggs are at room temperature otherwise they wont combine correctly with the butter and sugar.

3. To ensure that your cake rises more evenly (level), after pouring your batter into the cake pan, make a well in the middle of the batter or twirl the cake pan to the sides to make the batter cling and is therefore higher on the sides and lower in the middle.

4. When baking a cake, I prefer to not grease the sides of the cake pan. I only line the bottom with a wax or parchment paper. I find that it rises more evenly especially on the sides. Just make sure that you run a knife through to make sure that it doesn't stick before turning out the cake.

5. You can also leave a cake pan on a towel that you've poured with hot water for about 5 minutes before you turn the cake out to ensure that it doesn't stick to the pan. 

6. Fill the cake batter no more than 1/2 or 2/3 of the cake pan to allow it to bake and rise evenly.

7. Unless you purposely intend for your cakes to stick to the cake board or cake stand or plate, do not turn it out on a solid flat surface. Instead, turn your cake out on a wire rack. Leave it to cool first for a few minutes before you do this.

8. To get a nice clean finish on your cake frosting/icing, firstly frost a thin layer of buttercream and leave it in the fridge before coating the cake with a second, thicker layer. This is called "crumb coating" the cake.

9. To make the frosting nice and smooth, heat your metal spatula in hot water, wipe it clean, and then run it gently over the frosting. The heat will give the frosting a smooth, silky finish.

10. Cut your cake with a knife that's been heated in hot water to have nice, crumb-free slices. Do not leave "unfrosted" cake surfaces uncovered as it will make the cake dry out. 


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