Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nafsu Shopping

Nafsu shopping tahun ni under control. Tak rasa nak beli baju sangat pun. tapi bila bukak Poplook je tergugat jugak la sikit. Tapi nasib baik tak beli walaupun ada syaitoon yg ckp "Yan, bende-bende macam ni you takyah fikir pun. You beli je!". Shadap yeww.

Tapi tahun ni rasa nak revamp my bedroom. My room doesn't have a katil right now because I used to have queen sized four poster bed but it was too big for my room. So we transferred it to my mum's room and now I'm only left with a mattress. Been trying to search for a nice single or super single bed but its quite hard to find a reasonably priced bed that is nice. Yang cantik semua mahal sangat, yang murah semua tak lawa.

So sambil-sambil tu kite cari barang yang kecik-kecik so that I don't end spending to much but it'll still update the look of my room. So I went to Ikea to find new knobs for my wardrobe and drawers...

Which one do you like?

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